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First, thanks for taking the time to go through our website. We know your time is valuable and many others are competing for your attention. So, it's an honor for us to be able to spend some time with you.



Think Big, Act Bigger

Do you sometimes think that there is more to your life than just this? Are you sick of the same old things everyday? Don't you want to live the life you desire? In order to keep up or get the success you deserve, you must be open to new experiences and new ways of looking at things as well as thinking bigger. If not, you will be missing out on new growth learning and become stale and stagnant with your skills. Every choice you ve made so far has led you to where you are now and every choice you make now will create your future. Your choices come from your thoughts and how you perceive your place in the world. By thinking big, you will rise above your current situation and begin to create the future of your choosing.


To determine how big a person is thinking, just take a look at the size of the problems they are trying to solve and how they are going about solving it. If your main concerns are about not offending others, not challenging the system, getting things free, or not going outside your comfort zone, then you are not thinking big. To think big, you need to tackle the bigger ideas, be creative, and collaborate with subject matter experts.

Experience is often the enemy of thinking big. So is fear, cautiousness, and obsessing about perfection before taking action. The problem is that these issues are present at every rung of nearly every corporate ladder and so thinking big often means challenging the status quo. The irony, of course, is that this is what really separates the big winners from the average performers. This is how winners. most of the time, get the better opportunities.


Why We Are Your Best Choice

You may not realize it or may be mistrustful of the siginificance of this moment that brought you to us. Our website is the world s only place where you can get not only templates, but also market intelligence, creativite thinking tools, team collaboration, and project management - all instantly downloadable or available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Hopefully, while you were browsing you had a chance to preview them.
But that is not all we give you. To make sure you are not alone, we also provide you with advice, help and support. Your success is our #1 priority and our goal is to guarantee that your assignment is delivered successfully. In most instances, our templates and tools have already done the hard work for you. Just simply fill in the blanks and you are well on your way to making a great impression.
You must be thinking, wow!...what a package. But, there is still more. We also give you proven career and life advancement tools to ensure you have a mindset for success. These are not just a random collection. Once you see them, you will realize why so many successful people give them credit. They are designed to give you the extra fuel you need to be a superstar, a top 10 percenter, and the person everyone wants in their organization. In short, they can take you from good to great. 


The bottom line is, if you want to be valued more, success is the best revenge. Our membership subscription package is your best chance to get it done. Becoming a member puts you on a path to being no longer unappreciated. Plus, the growth and learning you will experience will also help you to get rid of feelings of unfulfillment. And, you will stay current in your professional competence and get your energy back. Putting it all together, now that you can do more with less and still be successful, your work life balance will improve.


Our claims are not just random statements. They are backed up facts. We survey our members periodically to get a sense of how we are making a positive difference for them. Here are the results of the latest survey:



So, while we know you have a choice, we feel very certain that we are your best solution for excellence and all around success. With a membership you can silence the doubters, laugh at the haters, and take your life back.


Our tools, templates, and resources are put together by experts and proven A+ excellent. They are ravingly being used by some of the world s best companies and consultants, such as:



Who Would You Rather Be?
On a beautiful late spring afternoon, twenty-five years ago, two young men graduated from the same university. They were very much alike, these two young men. Both had been better than average students, both were personable and both - as young university graduates are -- were filled with ambitious dreams for the future.

Recently, these men returned to their university for their 25th reunion. They were still very much alike. Both were happily married. Both had three children. And both, it turned out, had gone to work for the same manufacturing company after graduation, and were still there. But there was a difference. One of the men was manager of a small department of that company. The other was its president.
What Made The Difference?
Have you ever wondered, as we have, what makes this kind of difference in people s lives? It isn t always a native intelligence or talent or dedication. It isn t that one person wants success and the other doesn t. The difference lies in what each person knows and how he or she makes use of that knowledge. And that is why we are urging you to become a subscription member right now.
Knowledge Is Power!
While these two classmates graduated from university together and together got started in the business world, their lives turned out remarkably different because of knowledge. Useful knowledge, and its creative application. And that is the whole purpose of our system: To give you knowledge and creativity that you can use to separate yourself from the crowd, thrive, and enjoy enviable achievement. Our goal is to help you to be "one of the few" - because the few who do are the envy of the many who only watch. 97% of the people who quit too soon work for the 3% who never gave up.



You Are Worth It - Invest In Yourself

The best investment you can make is in yourself. It doesn't matter if it's a seminar or new skills, investing in you always pays off. If we don't take care of upgrading our knowledge and using the talents of others, we will end up burnt out and unsuccessful. This is not rocket science. Successful people never do it alone. Even the most amazing athletes or famous CEOs never do it alone. Many have coaches. They are always trying to get better, learn new things, and surrounding themselves with the best people. In short investing in themselves for competitive differentiation.



When we think of investing, we might think of putting money in the bank. Just as money in the bank will yield a return, so will investing in you. Just as compound interest will exponentially increase your savings, such is the compound interest of life. Investing in ourselves provides a strong foundation for which to build our life and it will continually provide support we can build on. Unlike a bank that will provide an overdraft if we come up short, the bank of life does not provide such a service. If we have not built up a reserve, we will find ourselves in a jam. When you have been investing in yourself, you'll be able to make a withdrawal from the bank of life and still have a reserve to draw on.


What Happens If I Don't Signup Today

Obviously we would be very disappointed. But more to the point, we think not subscribing is a sign that you are thinking too small and taking unnecessary career and health risks.


The World Bank says a typical professional will have an average of 7 jobs during their career. This means you must be impressive in interviews. Being able to explain how you have used creativity and collaborative processes to drive an excellent result gets you taken seriously. Being able to demonstrate your depth of knowledge of market intelligence gets you taken seriously. Not taking this offer for membership and scouring the web for free templates will not help you get taken seriously. Taken seriously means being valued more and a shot at the bigger opportunities. Not being taken seriously keeps you out of the game or only playing small.


It is a well known fact that the most common causes of work stress are excessive workloads, being underpaid,  limited opportunities for growth or advancement, feeling unfulfilled or unchallenged, and job loss worries. Being stressed, stuck, worried, and not growing to some feels like being in a prison.



Unfortunately, work-related stress doesn't just disappear when you go home for the day. When stress persists, it can take a toll on your home life as well. This is not a good place to be. According to the World Health Organization, 7 people die from stress every 2 seconds.


Not signing up today would be a terribly unwise decision. Why? Because, while the company own the jobs, you own your career, health, and welfare. And, if you won't invest in yourself, how can you expect others to?


But Do I Really Need a Subscription?

For those of you who are thinking, I really don't need a membership subscription - just one or a few templates, there are 3 things wrong with this belief. First, you won't be able to completely free yourself from the overwork and salary compression problem without having access to all that is needed to make it happen. Second, over 90% of people who have done that in the past ended up calling us back shortly afterwards to get the subscription, but want us to apply a credit for the previous templates purchased.


Don t get yourself in that position. It is best to have many templates to work from so you can more widely cut and paste to get a higher quality result tailored for your particular situation. One template may cover one angle, another a different angle, the third yet another, and so on. Your situation is unique and usually takes more than one angle to solve it. Third, when we price the templates individually, after 3 to 5 template purchases, the total cost is not that much less than the subscription membership price.


Our subscription price is not based on the sum total of all individual templates because we know nobody uses the entire set. It is based on the set one would need to complete a particular task. In addition, there is a lot of value in the surrounding tools that help to ensure your success - project management, market research, industry intelligence, competitive analysis, team collaboration, expert coaching help are all there for you should you need it. Here again, we find people thinking they don t need this at the time of individual template purchase but find out later it was a mistake.

Also, it is a widely known fact that if your work does not use quality data that is current and relevant, then the results will be flawed - in other words "garbage in, garbage out". Imagine if you had a consultant doing your project who only worked from one template, used no current market data or industry intelligence, and did no competitive benchmarking, but offered you a price way below market, would you take the offer? Probably not, because in the end you would end up being dissatisfied with the work and many people would say to you - well you got what you paid for.


Guarantee Your Success

We would love nothing better than to see you achieve the success you deserve. But, we cannot provide you with a sense of urgency and we can't make you take action. Only you can do that. We can guarantee that you will find these sales and marketing resources interesting, original, a big time saver, always reliable, and always useful. So, don't wait another minute to start experiencing the same game changing results as the majority of our subscription members. We are the right choice!

You Are In Safe Hands With Us:br> Subscribers
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You can select either a 2-day access or 1 year for your 24 by 7 online downloadable access. The 2 days are for those who need a short-term solution. PLUS, when you download the templates and tools to your computer, they are yours to keep. Edit them as you need for your own requirements. No restrictions on multiple usage or saving and re-using your own edited versions.



Your investment for the 2-day subscription access is $419 and for 1 year it is $595. This is a tremendous deal! Imagine, you can have your own sales and marketing tools, templates, expert help, research, intelligence, project management, and business knowledge base at your finger tips any time you need it - no worries and no hassles. This is a limited time offer, so act fast before we go back to the regular price. Compare this to the $10,000 to $50,000 many consultants charge for the same product and over 95% savings for you. Where else can you get such a deal! This is clearly a very high return on your subscription investment (ROI) along with a solid peace of mind from less stress, more time for yourself, and proven accelerated career growth and prosperity.



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Templates, Tools, Data, Help, & Support:

95% plus savings vs. consulting firms


Subscription membership to the members private download area on this website only. If you want access to all of our different websites members area, please see the Enhanced Membership Options below.

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OPTION 1: 2 days

Was: $699
Now: $419 (limited time offer)


Access to all existing templates, creativity tools, market and industry data, and 2 hours free coaching. No access to Project Management and on-going online help system..
OPTION 2: 1 year

Was: $995
Now: $595 (limited time offer)


Unlimited access. Access to all templates, creativity tools, market research, industry data, project management, 2 hours free coaching, and on-going online help system. PLUS new templates added during the year.

Enhanced Membership Options:


Would you like more extensive help and assistance along with the templates and tools? Other subscribers have found this to be of great value. Click the appropriate "Buy Now" button below to get started.


Basic Help Plus Templates

One (1) year subscription membership to templates on this website as well as to all other business breakout tools and templates in our library that cover other areas such as strategic planning, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, business plans, financial models, change management, and more.

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. In addition, you are entitled to up to 6 hours of help and coaching on your project.

After purchase, please login at for this site's templates as well as all others in our collection.

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Now: $1,595

Enhanced Help Plus Templates

Basic Help Plus Templates above, but now up to 10 hours of help and coaching on your project.

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Now: $2,595

Extensive Help Plus Templates

Enhanced Help Plus Templates above, but now up to 15 hours of help and coaching on your project.

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Was: $6,790

Now: $3,595


If You Remain Unconvinced, Then Why Do Most Business Initiatives Fail?

Maybe you still believe a free or cheap alternative is better for you. One lesson you should have learnt in life by now is nothing of value or nothing worth having is ever truly free. Plus, be smart. If a free or cheap template was all you needed for success, wouldn't everybody be a star?


Maybe fear is holding you back. Business people are supposed to value risk-taking, but these days many have become something of a timid lot. Their reluctance to stick their neck out has everything to do with the psychology of motivation specifically, how they think about the goals they are pursuing. The problem, in a nutshell, is simply this: when making decisions, many of them have been focused much more on what they have to lose than on what they might gain.

Whenever you see your goals whether they are professional or personal - in terms of what you have to lose, you have what s called a prevention focus. When you are prevention-focused, you want to stay safe, avoid mistakes, and minimally fulfill your responsibilities. You want to hang on to what you ve already got and keep things running smoothly. You aren t open to taking chances, even when that chance is a chance for greater success or happiness. If fear is holding you back, odds are you ve been thinking only in terms of prevention.


If, instead, you see your goals in terms of what you might gain, you have what s called a promotion focus. Promotion focus is about getting ahead, maximizing your potential, and reaping the rewards. It s about never missing an opportunity for a win, even when doing so means taking a leap of faith.



If after everything we have said, you are still not convinced and questions are preventing you from making a decision, please contact us and we will promptly answer them.


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